[.07] Thesis Exploration Spring Semester (2019) {2/2}

This antithesis challenges the current definition of university thesis through a speculative extension of the Grand Tour and Travel Journal. It does so via combining analogue and digital techniques which analyze and document a ‘reality’ of physical place while building familiarity of place. London is a black square, a new beginning; an enigmatic living city of complexities to grow familiar with through actively observing, participating, and documenting from within. This ever-growing documentation of perceived reality exists as a Wunderkammer of curious objects, events, and environments. This collection will begin to mimic or parallel London as a speculative NoPlace with particular events, inhabitants, edifices, and qualities.

Project documentation and representation exist both mechanically and digitally. Wunderkammer collection methods will include: pen, ink, pencil, photograph, video, film, animation, 3D models, text, and objects. Speculative methods of design utilize cut-ups, montage, collage, composites, and analytique in order to build a new familiarity of NoPlace.


[1] Facade Nonaptych for an eventual NoPlace

Below are facade studies for a NoPlace. The construction of each facade mimics methods of familiarization and memory, or recollection via categorical similarity. These facades are created using a combination of software techniques, taking items from my Wunderkammer and flattening them in the two dimensional space of the digital screen. This flattening acts as a digital-aesthetic [de]-familiarization in order to offer new potential readings of place; the digital additive and subtractive squeegee and scraper of Richter. Items used to construct each facade drawing include: photographs, still-frames from video, hand sketches, software generated textures, and images from the internet.

Towers of NoPlace
Campus of NoPlace
Churches of NoPlace
Domiciles of NoPlace
Voids of NoPlace
Enigmatic Generators of NoPlace
Gardens of NoPlace

Grand Exchange of NoPlace
Towers of NoPlace

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