[.05] 2018 Fairytales Architecture Competition Submission




Below is my narrative text submission which accompanies my 5 created images:

Is dawwk in here. Teddy you okay? …You okay buddy, you okay. Fishhhhh… laaaaamp… hawmaawwnicaaa… bawlooooons… biiiiiig biwdings… loooootsaa lights.  Mommyyy? Daddy?



I miss the river.  Addie splashing about.  We would pass the time plucking dandelions past their prime and setting them to the breeze.  Just the sounds of the air, Addie’s laughter… Dawson’s voice. It was truly heaven, leisure, and creation.  Together we could visit anything and anywhere, just us three. Paris, Rome, China, Netherlands, anywhere we have ever heard of, we just had to imagine it and the system helped us piece it together whether we had been there or not.  We could add, edit, and erase. Or, we could just lay about and take it all in.


I was there… I just. I don’t know anymore, I just don’t.  W-we, we were supposed to be free from it all Dawson! You promised, you promised!!  We sold it all, my god, we sold it all. It’s gone. Everything. The beds. The couch. The television. Our wedding rings. HAH! We, we nearly tore out the radiator to sell the copper and brass, but winter was nearly here.  They took our jobs. They took our money. All of it. But they wouldn’t say that, the Authors would never admit to anything that paints them a muddy picture of injustice absolute!  Dawson! Adelaide, Addie, you okay honey?  Can you hear me?!



Well, the only promises made were by the Authors.  I knew that we just couldn’t take it anymore. Well, I mean, I could have endured it all for Addie and Claire, but that’s not what Claire wanted.  I could see it in her eyes at the end of every day: hopelessness, defeat, shame, anxiety. It all ate away at her bit by bit; and it finally broke me, so I gave in.  I consented. We signed up and said goodbye to work, and jumped into the unknown, the system. It’s a type of consortium thing between Google, Apple, BP, Walmart, and a few others known as the Authors.  The neo-company I mean, umm what are they, uhh, neo-ste… no, no, that’s not right, umm well neo-STUPIDITY, that’s what! It doesn’t matter their name. I apologize, it’s easy to forget things in here. Nothing makes sense anymore, it’s all a blur, and I am slowly going insane.  It’s like the numb that you feel as you wake up after only an hour of sleep and hobble through the dark maze that is your house, to use the toilet. Memories mix with the present, with the past. Places we’ve seen, people we have met, events from our past, and new creations from our imagination, a fairytale gone sour, gone absolutely insane.  Time is not relative, it speeds up and slows down at random intervals. Feelings and emotions rush out just as fast as they rush in and become confused by hitting the physical existence of what is real, and passing through the digital mess that is Neo-System. They had promised us everything had been worked out and this was now a stable system capable of harvesting and hosting thousands for the beta-stages of the digital-physical world.  Pfft, “heaven on earth” my a- But in hindsight it all makes sense to me now. They target the middle class, harvesting not for the betterment of lives, the world, the future, but as a means of control. It HAS to be. With all of the socio-political unrest? It’s a mirage.


This is supposed to be the future where the machine takes over for man.  The machine provides all, and there is no work, no pain, no hunger or thirst, and no suffering.  A present halcyon, if you will. Hmm.. Holocene, Bon Iver, you know it? That plays over and over in my mind, fragmented and incomplete.  I just want to hear that play, just once more. There is no music in here, just the hollow ambience you hear while under water, or inside a racquetball court.  Except for the brief neuro-connections you can make with the ones you love. You can hear them, and they, you. If you’re lucky sometimes the system connects you for a few minutes, and you can talk. Sometimes.  I just spoke with Addie, she’s doing ok now, she has Teddy. I’m not sure, it has been a while since I have talked to Claire. It was different, you know? We used to have control. We used to have the ability to pull off the devices and return to reality.  We were even able to physically be together within the system itself, in beautiful paradisiacal places that seemed… normal, and then some. We had control of everything. But… the system malfunctions happened so quickly, that we got separated and trapped in here.  We can’t will ourselves to remove the devices, there is no connection or communication, and no way to contact others on the outside to warn them. Those who don’t hear from us, I suppose, figure we have just slipped off into the ultimate systems of the sublime. So we must wait, holding on for dear life to our sanity. There’s no escape.  Nothing.



So.  What have we got? Individual synapses and lines of communication are sporadic at best.  It seems the biological bond somehow ties the neurological make-up of the users into one integral, but unreliable system.  It doesn’t make much sense. But there is a hope and promise to stabilize the system. We initially believed that the best possible physical framework was a long continuous glass monument that would eventually span the globe.  A huge transparent never-ending physical network that would work to merge physical reality with the minds of all of it’s inhabitants, producing a state of constant creation and renewal, a world free from want, worry, work, or war.  This is where I believe we have gone wrong. The sheer magnitude of a system like this cannot withstand its own size and weight. You see, the system cannot take on the complexities of life and of the world from the dense cities, or epicenters of human existence.  Location is an issue. Team SDNE-739, our United States Midwest development division, has stumbled upon highly probable success. We are working to get the new framework developed and installed. I believe the solution lies in a separation and delineation between framework and system.

We have found that the system tends to work based on the place it inhabits.  So, we separate the system from the framework. We decrease the physical size of the framework, and instead modularize it via glass panels.  This will allow it to remain a monument that could eventually span the globe through additions. As far as the system is concerned, that is where Team SDNE-739 comes into play.  Through running many tests on various existing building types, they have finally found an architecture that will likely host the system perfectly. Water towers, grain silos, oil refineries, wind turbines, power plants, militant watch towers; they are the archetype of perfection in this scenario.  Banal architecture of utility, so often overlooked. The inherit meaning of utility and strength will only now serve to amplify our systems exponentially. The towers become the machines which do the work for us. Ultimately, their purpose has not changed, it has just been slightly modified. I was amazed really, these things we take for granted every day of our existence become our saving grace.  They scatter the globe, silhouettes disfigured by heat, line the horizon, almost as an ode to the ignorance of mankind. Hell, they’d probably scream poems of mockery if they had a mouth. Anyway, time will tell.


` Holocene `

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