[.000] ZBrush Exploration

My interests are all over the place, between 3d modelling, animation, film, architecture, illustration, concept dev/art.  So I’ve found myself allowing mixtures of all of these interest areas to bleed into my architectural design education.  Most of the opportunity exists within the visualization and illustration of design projects.  Architectural projects require a high level of visual (and verbal) communication in order to communicate design intent, which has allowed me to continue exploring many different parallel creative industries, software programs, and techniques.  Here I will post various software explorations from zbrush to Maya, 3dsMax, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset, Kerkeythea, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, and so on.  They will likely be less polished/in progress pieces, but I hope you enjoy!




[17] Maya file exploration. Modeled desert tower + environment and set up a camera path and aim path to animate. In the end I could not get my computer to render the sequence without crashing unfortunately.
[14] Further Maya exploration.
[11] Mid-way through the project, I decided to work with Autodesk Maya to see what a different style and method might begin to offer the project development. It was interesting development, but I decided to not carry most of the Maya development forward.
[12] Another Maya+photoshop iteration. Good exploration and skill-building, even if not making the final project cut.
[13] Further Maya exploration.

  1. Hello 👋🏼 This is Aditya suryawanshi from India Studing 5th year architecture. I saw your works and they are really impressive. Your passion in illustrations, Modelling, rendering is appreciatable and inspirational. It’s really nice to see your great work. Keep it up bro.


    1. Hello Aditya, it is great to hear from you, that means a lot, thank you!

      I am an architecture student as well, and am in 6th year now. I am very interested in alternate methods of illustration and concept development. If you’ve got work of your own online somewhere I’d love to take a look!

      Hope all is well, keep designing and creating 🙂


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